Pro Master
Are you just in it for the kicks, or are you in it to kick butt?
Trust the ProMaster for optimum shooting characteristics for the worlds largest game - Cape buffalo, American bison, Kodiak bear. The Jennings design team has developed a slightly deflex machined aluminum riser expressly for pinpoint shooting accuracy. Innovative handle geometry delivers speed, forgiveness and precision shooting. Features a checkered, two-piece wood grip. Warm and decorative. Watch for this bow in Jennings Blue or Green at national 3-D competitions. It is a superior, best-allaround shooting system.

The ProMaster with quad recurve limbs or the ProMaster S with solid straight limbs feature a real power plant of energy in the straight-line Perimeter Weighted Cam II. A distinctive black & brown ColorWrap Fast Flight string and cable system maximizes your shooting efficiency.